Currently reading: Brawn bids to catch Red Bull
Mercedes' Ross Brawn believes his team can close the gap on Red Bull

Mercedes GP boss Ross Brawn believes his team and its rivals are capable are closing the gap to title favourites Red Bull.

Red Bull has been on pole in every race this season and has been in a position to go on and win all of the races before accidents or retirements intervened.

Mercedes has failed to match the pace of last year, when it competed as Brawn GP, but Brawn believes Red Bull is still catchable.

When asked if matching Red Bull’s pace was still within reach of the other teams by German magazine Autosprint, Brawn said: “I think so.

“As for the championship table, Red Bull is still completely reachable.”

Brawn believes that other teams will launch their own versions of Red Bull’s design features over the coming weeks and this will help close the gap.

"In their design there are aspects different from anyone else's, so I think others will introduce them over the next races. For instance, I know that everyone is looking with interest at Red Bull's exhaust system,” he said.

“[Red Bull has] improved, they've understood their weak points and this year, while maintaining a fine aerodynamics package, they are stronger mechanically. Nowadays there are no more circuits that don't suit them.

"What they haven't managed to get to work is the F-duct. It's what makes McLaren competitive: on a suited track it makes up for the deficiencies they have in relations to the RB6.”

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