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The future of VW’s mid-engined Blue Sport two-seater hangs in the balance

The future of VW’s mid-engined Blue Sport two-seater hangs in the balance because the company can’t find enough sales to justify investing in the model. A key stumbling block is the US market, where the model isn’t considered a priority despite a plan to nearly treble sales to 800k units by 2018.

‘To get to 800k units, we don’t need to keep adding to our portfolio of models. We’re concentrating on our core models,’ says VW of America boss Jonathan Browning.

The US is the world’s biggest market for sportscars, so giving the Blue Sport a low priority means VW can’t get close to the 50,000 or so annual global production it needs for the production go-ahead.

According to VW’s engineering boss, Uli Hackenberg, the engineering for the Blue Sport is all completed. The significant next step is the business case.

‘There is no official release for the project. It’s not a technology problem, but of finding enough customers. I don’t have enough [sales] volume to get the go-ahead,’ says Hackenberg.

Continuing delays will pose a significant threat to the Blue Sport ever making production. The design was revealed at Detroit three years ago and the styling will rapidly date, making it even less likely the Blue Sport will get the green light.

With the Blue Sport in a holding pattern, sister models from Audi and Porsche are also affected. Audi has decided it wants a compact mid-engined two-seater in its range to compliment the R8, but Porsche is less enthusiastic.

Porsche insiders have talked about the car as a possible successor to the iconic, four-cylinder powered 550 of the 1950s, but there are concerns inside Porsche that an entry-level sportscar will rob sales from the Boxster.

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brian245 12 January 2012

Re: VW Blue Sport's future uncertain


We need an entry level sportscar and other than the MX5 there is no other nor likely to be

289 12 January 2012

Re: VW Blue Sport's future uncertain

Myk wrote:

Really? I think a VW sports car would fly off the shelves at the right price, and personnally the BlueSport was on the top of my shopping list. Seriously.

If this project gets canned it's terrible news.


Bad news indeed. The market would have embraced this car IMO.

Old But not yet Dead 11 January 2012

Re: VW Blue Sport's future uncertain

I expect Mr Mazda is popping the champagne corks after hearing this news. Another 5 years for the MX5/Miata without any noticeable competition on the horizon. Why not forget the US for the time being, let them have downgraded second rate Passats and Jettas, and give the project to Seat/Skoda who can take this into Europe and Far East and get some return on the investment.