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This is the Honda Accord Coupe Concept, which showcases upcoming styling and technology changes
Jim Holder
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10 January 2012

This is the Honda Accord Coupe Concept, which showcases upcoming styling and technology changes to the current model, which is sold in the US but which won’t be coming to Europe.

The Coupe is actually longer and heavier than the saloon, which will also be updated in the US this year. It will be sold with two new engines: a 2.4-litre four cylinder with a six-sped manual or CVT transmission, a 3.5-litre V6, linked to a six-speed automatic transmission.

During the unveil at the Detroit motor show Honda also confirmed that it will sell a plug-in hybrid version of the production car, which goes on sale later this year. It will havea 15-mile electric only range or run as a hybrid linked to a 2.0-litre Atkinson cycle engine. Recharging from a 240 volt socket takes 1.5 hours.

Safety kit enhancements will include a lane departure warning system, a blind spot warning system and the option of a reversing camera.


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Juzoik 10 January 2012

Re: Detroit: Honda Accord Coupe

nice car. not sure about the fog lights cluster. but i would love to find out how the coupe ended up being heavier and longer than the saloon ??????

sirwiggum 10 January 2012

Re: Detroit: Honda Accord Coupe

artill wrote:

sirwiggum wrote:

I have a 99 Accord Coupe, they were built in the US and are unrelated to the Swindon Accord (which is itself a fine car).

I remember them well. At the time i was torn between a 406 V6 and the Accord V6, and in the end went for the Peugeot because i didnt want an auto.

This actually replaced a 406 saloon, the mounts were shot and the garage could find nothing wrong, I fancied an auto and that's how I ended up with it!

The 406 coupe is a work of art. A gorgeous looking car. Will Peugeot bring out a 508 coupe (hopefully based on the 'new' 504 coupe sketches) ?

Difficult to find a 'mainstream' coupe these days. Seen a few Laguna coupes about, look very Aston-y, but these are now axed with the hatchback.

Myk 10 January 2012

Re: Detroit: Honda Accord Coupe

catnip wrote:

This really belongs to another thread, but does anyone remember how compact the original Accord 3 door (sometimes called coupe) was? It was shorter than the current Golf, which is itself small for its class.

Yes, the old 3-door Accord was a fair bit smaller than today's Civic. Funny old world...

Back on subject, I've always had a soft spot for the Accord Coupe, and thought the outgoing model was a very handsome car. This new one seems like a very evolutionary step, but is good-looking nonetheless. Shame we don't get them over here, as with the right engine it's the sort of thing I could see myself buying.

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