27 October 2004

There’s bad news in store for anyone expecting to pick up a new C4 hatch with Citroën’s usual generous cashback and zero per cent finance offers. When the new car goes on sale on November 15 it won’t be backed up by any of the usual juicy offers to help sweeten the deal.

A leading car broker, speaking to Autocar, reckons that massive cashback offers could be a thing of the past with Citroën, which wants to use cars such as the C4 to banish the pile-’em-high-sell-’em-cheap approach in favour of selling fewer cars but at greater profit. That’s bad news for bargain-hungry buyers. ‘There’s definitely a change of policy at Citroën for next year,’ said our source. ‘The lack of zero per cent finance and cashback deals on the C4 could go to the rest of the range. There’s no cashback on the new C5 either.’

In lieu of Citroën-backed deals, the best you can hope for on the C4 is to haggle away a decent chunk of cash at the dealer. Our broker reckoned that he would be selling cars with a 7.5 per cent discount, equating to around £800 off the base model. Dealers we spoke to confirmed that that sort of discount could be on the cards, but wouldn’t commit until the new hatch had landed in their showrooms.

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