Ssnagyong-based Roewe spied testing in China
7 November 2008

These spy shots are slightly different to the norm – they were taken in China, and show a new Roewe SUV being put through its paces ahead of launch next year.

European relevance comes with the fact that the car could well be heading over hear wearing an MG badge, as part of Roewe’s plans to use the famous octagon badge for its exported products. An ‘MG’ version of the Roewe 550 has already been introduced in Chile.

The as-yet unnamed Roewe is based on the Ssangyong Kyron, sharing its proportions and mechanical set-up. Engines are expected to be identical to the Kyron so we can expect a 2.0- and 2.7-litre diesel – the latter of which is a previous-generation Mercedes CDI unit. Both models will be available with an automatic gearbox and four-wheel-drive.

The Chinese firm has already said it intends to launch in the UK, and a keenly-priced SUV could be a sensible addition to the range.

Will Powell

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7 November 2008

If it does get built under the MG badge, then that will be the last vestige of MG's dignity gone.

MG was always about sports cars (be they warmed over Rovers or not), not 4 x 4's.



It's all about the twisties........

7 November 2008

Please, please, please no!

I hope the Chinese economy nosedives to prevent any of this garbage hitting our roads.

Someone stop them.

7 November 2008

[quote TegTypeR]If it does get built under the MG badge, then that will be the last vestige of MG's dignity gone[/quote]

I thought that happened when they changed the meaning of MG from 'Morris Garages' to 'Modern Gentleman'........

The 550 from the same group is, by all accounts, a pretty decent car, as it was engineered by a large number of ex-MG Rover personnel. But I'm not so sure about this one.

7 November 2008

Why not have a MG SUV? Did Mercedes have a SUV before the ML? (G-Wagon was origionally a military vehicle).

Why are readers assuming that these Roewe's are going to be rubbish?

The Chinese are not stupid, they want to earn foreign revenue and they know that they have to compete with the likes of Hyundai and Kia.

They also know that they have to hit our roads running and cannot afford to export substandard cars to Europe.

The 2.7 M-B Diesel is a good engine

I remember in the mid-1970s, my Father turning down a chance to relocate from Chiswick to Cirencester when he was working for BMW Concessionaires and David Blackburn, his boss at the time, established the Colt Car Company - he thought that these "funny little Japanese cars were not up to much". If he was still alive he certainly would not say the same about Mitsubishi cars and SUVs today!

I suspect that we might get a bit of a shock and find that the Roewe MGs might be rather good.

7 November 2008

You're right - the Chinese are coming and it won't be too long before they are making competitive cars in many sectors of the market.

But they'll have a few misses before they get there - the Landwind and BS6 crash tests (available on YouTube) are recent examples. OK the Landwind was a Frontera copy but the BS6 should not have performed as badly as it did.

What took the Japanese 4 decades and the Koreans 2, will take the Chinese less than 1 from where they are now.

7 November 2008

I have quite a lot of affection for the MG brand but their cars were always, by definition, parts bin specials, except for arguably the MGA and, to a lesser extent, the B. None of the previous custodians of the MG brand would have hesitated for a moment about sticking the badge on a 4x4 if it meant them shifting a few units.

7 November 2008

I'll be very surprised if it will take them 10 years. The Chinese sense of honour will not alllow them to repeat the mistakes of Landwind or the B56.

As Roewe have launched the 550 in South America, why can we not have a Road Test in Autocar and compare it to the Rover 75 - the car on which it is based, which was not a bad car (I had a 1.8T Automatic) and a couple of current near rivals - let's say the Kia Ceed and Hyundai i30?

7 November 2008

Sorry, I just can't be as open and fair-minded as you lot seem to be.

I don't care if its fast as a Cayenne, as capable as a Defender and as handsome as a Range Rover. I object to the Chinese a) having Rover/MG and b) sticking an MG badge on a parts bin lashed up 4x4.

MG-R would never have badged an SUV as an MG and nor should they.

I also don't care if the Roewe 550 thing is as good as a 75, I won't entertain one on principle. I consider myself a car enthusiast and as such wouldn't look a Kia etc either.

7 November 2008

I heard the same arguments in the 1970s after Datson brought out the Sunny 120Y.

A friend bought one. It was awful to drive, but started every morning. I had a MkII Escort, which was great to drive, but I had to call out the AA more times than I had a cooked breakfast!

Issues with modern cars tend to be more to do with price, economy, safety and quality.

If Roewe can get the mix right, They will have to be taken seriously!

7 November 2008

[quote Slim San]

I thought that happened when they changed the meaning of MG from 'Morris Garages' to 'Modern Gentleman'........


When did that happen.


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