Next CLK replacement snapped undisguised
21 November 2008

Our spy snappers have captured these pictures of a barely disguised prototype version of the next E-class coupe.

The ‘W212’ E-class goes on sale next year, and these pictures make clear that Mercedes is planning a coupe version, alongside another cabriolet variant. Both will replace the current CLK.

Mercedes is intending to move away from the ‘CLK’ branding for the new car, and when the coupe goes on sale next year it will probably revive the ‘CE’ badge.

Engine and transmission options will be shared with the E-class saloon, with the 3.2-litre diesel V6 likely to be the most popular model.

Autocar has also learned that there will be a fixed roof Black Series version of the new E-class coupe, due out in 2010.

Will Powell

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21 November 2008

Well if the CLK was based on the C-Class, this E-Class based car should be the ELK.

Wonder if it'll pass the ELK test (geddit)?

21 November 2008

I'd rather have the W124 estate in the upper left hand corner of the main picture. Where is the subtlety? Renault are onto something with the Laguna coupe you know. In these troubled times perhaps people might desire quiet style. I still think Merc have lost control of the styling of the cars. Too many models, changing too often means brand identity is impossible...

Bring back steel wheels.

21 November 2008

Too many models many of which look identical from fifty yards! I too would rather have a W124 and agree wholeheartedly that this slightly brash/angry look Mercedes are adopting is completely out of step with what most people are after these days. I'd wager that most people want solid, reliable, economical cars that don't go wrong and don't make overt statements about one's wealth or taste. What's on offer? Plasticky, overcomplicated, temperamental barges with huge price tags and great big ugly faces behind which Mercedes are shoe-horning bigger and bigger engines. It'll all end in tears.

21 November 2008

Mercedes have the best looking saloon in the world, the CLS, and the CL is such a beauty. The current E is quite understated, and the current CLK will still appear sleek in 15 years.


I'm The Ωmega Man, always talking to myself

22 November 2008

How many more times are you going to "break" this "news"? If you can't make up any new stories, please stop recycling the old ones.


23 November 2008

I like the look of it. Has anyone formed the impression that a slight stretch gives you the next CLS? The side window line very much echos the current CLS.


24 November 2008

I'm blown away by both the CE and Autocar. The brazeness of their scoops matches the utter beauty and timelessness of the CE. Bravo and awards all around for Haymarket, and MB!

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