Gullwing supercar's interior revealed
26 November 2008

These grainy spy shots of the new Mercedes SLC supercar reveal its retro-inspired interior for the first time.

The gullwing-doored Mercedes SLC, which has been designed to evoke the spirit of the 1954 Mercedes 300SL, is fitted with a bespoke cabin featuring retro design touches. The eyeball vents and large dials are deliberately retro copies of those in the 1971 R107 SL, for example.

But much of the interior trim in the Mercedes SLC has been lifted from current Mercedes models. The flat-bottomed wheel is similar to that in the C63 AMG, but features metal lower spokes.

The light switch and electric parking brake are from the S-class and the air-con switches are straight out of a C-class.

A sculpted chrome handle protruding from the centre console selects drive, neutral and reverse. The new seven-speed double-clutch gearbox is manually controlled using steering wheel-mounted paddles.

The high-rise centre divide also houses Mercedes’ Comand controller, which operates the car’s navigation and audio systems.

A new multimedia software interface could be introduced when the Mercedes SLC is launched.

The Mercedes SLC is an indirect replacement for the Mercedes SLR McLaren. Based on the next Mercedes SL, it uses many of the mechanical components from the Mercedes SL65 Black Series.

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27 November 2008

Very poor effort from the Mercedes design team. The dashboard and centre console look unattractive and cheap. That big shiny piece of fake aluminum (plastic) panel reminds me of the similarly crass item found on the dashboard of the Aston Martin Vanquish.

All the items on the centre console came from other Mercedes models (ie CHEAP!!!!). Those eyeball vents might be pretty and adds a retro touch, but the audio controls are from the forthcoming E Class and the air-conditioning module from the C Class just don't go with the rest of the dashboard.

There's nothing special about this SLC cabin at all. It look cheap because it makes extensive use of the Mercedes parts-bin. The only bespoke items I can see are the eyeball vents and the mushroom-shaped gear selector. There is no Wow-factor like the interiors of contemporary Audi's.

For a signature car like the SLC, Mercedes needs to spend money to give it that special bespoke feel. Mercedes as not learned a thing with the Maybach and the SLR. The Maybach is just a glorified S Class and the SLR is a disappointment.

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