Is Ferrari working on a new 'Eco' Enzo supercar?
5 September 2008

Has Ferrari started work on the revolutionary ‘Eco’ Enzo supercar? Autocar’s spies say that this test mule is the first concrete evidence of the Enzo replacement that’s expected to be unveiled in 2010.

Sources say that the test car is likely to be testing the new ‘green’ powerpack, which will be downsized from the Enzo’s 627bhp V12.

Depending on the degree to which Ferrari engineers are downsizing the new Enzo, the new motor will be either a direct-injection twin-turbo V8 or a direct-injection twin-turbo V6.

The transmission is a new much more compact design, which could include a mini-hybrid system that can store waste energy and then pump it back into the drivetrain to improve acceleration without increasing fuel use.

In summer 2007, at the company’s 60th anniversary, Ferrari revealed plans to make its future models smaller, light and more fuel-efficient.

It also displayed a scale model prototype dubbed the FXX Millechilli, a scaled-down version of the Enzo, which weighed just 1000kg, 365kg less than the donor car.

Aside from a lighter chassis, Ferrari is also looking at a complete re-think of the cabin, using a fixed driver position and mounting many controls on the steering wheels itself. This design could shave 90kg off the weight of the car, sources say.

It’s expected the Eco Enzo will be also be a flagship for Ferrari’s new-generation aerodynamic technology, including ‘active aerodynamics’ that pump air out through the body to influence the way airflows over and under the skin.

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6 September 2008

What makes you think this mule hides the Enzo successor? Chances are it's hiding the successor to the F430 which Ferrari needs a successor to pretty soon.

6 September 2008

I agree how can you even tell if this is the Next Enzo or not? It's just an F430 with different wheels at the back.

6 September 2008

I agree, It's just a F430

6 September 2008

Although Ferrari is in the process of making a new supercar (prototype P4/5), it's time for a replacement for the f430. Most probably it's a new f430

6 September 2008

I have to agree with the above comments. My first thoughts when I saw the homepage image was 'ooh, new 430'. That was before I saw the Enzo headline. I'm actually suprised by the lack of breaking news or gossip re a 430 replacement. Intrigued by the Scuderia-esque exhaust placements though.

Come on Autocar. Some F430 replacement news please!

8 September 2008

Given that the 430 successor is due next year and the Enzo successor in 2010, it is fair toi assume that Ferrari is preparing the smaller model first. And for the record, the Enzo had 660 BHP, not 627.

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