What will we be driving in 50 years' time?
16 November 2007

Tell a group of car designers to come up with ideas of what we'll be using for personal transport in 2057, with a robotic car theme, and this is what you get. The contenders for Robocar 2057 design award are:

Mazda Montanari RX

Integrates driver and car, allowing the driver to experience the road through electronic stimulation. Four omni-wheels allow 360 degree movement.

Audi Virtuea Quattro

Hydrogen-powered single-seater, which projects a holographic exterior, allowing the driver to chose what their car looks like.

Volkswagen Slipstream

A solar-powered pod that stands upright on two wheels in town, and drives horizontally at 250 mph on highways.

GM-OnStar Ant

Another omni-directional vehicle that communicates with other cars, has a personalised interior and can change shape to suit the environment.

Toyota Biomobile Mecha

Powered by pollutants in the air, run on nano-laser wheels and can also change shape for ease of use in every situation.

Mercedes-Benz Silverflow

Held together by magnetic forces so it can change shape or be stored away. Even crash damage can be self-repaired.

Honda One to the Power of Four

Fully robotic solar-hybrid car that solves commuting issues by creating one vehicle out of four Honda 14s on the journey, and then splitting when the destination is reached.

Nissan OneOne

The ultimate robot pet, helpful family member and spirited sports car in one. Guided by GPS and moves by skating on its 'legs'.Click on the gallery link above to find out which was the winning concept, and for pictures of some great automotive flights of fantasy. And, possibly, for a glimpse of the future.

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