New Bentley concept seen ahead of Geneva
29 February 2008

Bentley has revealed details of its latest concept car, the Zagato GTZ, based on the GT Speed and designed by Italian coachbuilder Zagato. The firm has supplanted the original GT’s clean lines with an indented roof, sloping rear and high-contrast colour scheme.Underneath the Bentley GTZ's hand built body, the GT Speed's engine and mechanicals remain the same, producing 600bhp and 553lb ft of torque from a 6.0-litre W12. The Zagato GTZ isn't currently intended for production, but there could be a limited run of cars if the concept has a good reception at next week's Geneva show.Zagato has a history of collaboration with a number of British marques, including Aston Martin, Jaguar and Rolls Royce, and the Bentley GTZ continues this tradition of Italian-designed British GTs.

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Bentley Continental GT

Full of character and still able to impress, particularly as a V8

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29 February 2008

Wow this is what the Baby Bentley should always have looked like! The regular car has always looked awkward, that "something shoved up it's behind" look.

I'm off to re-mortgage the house!

if it's heavy, it ain't happenin' 

29 February 2008

Zagato have still got it, haven't they? A bit heavy round the front perhaps, but a good attempt to make a purse from a sows ear...

2 March 2008

I have to disagree. I have always the liked the conti GT, it had a chunky quality about it that suggested solid engineering. The zagato version looks to me like a cheap Chinese imitation. Too fussy.

3 March 2008

This looks like a design students first attempt at modifying an existing design, I think it's messy and a little garish.

But then I don't think Zagato set out to design classically beautiful cars like Pininfarina, they try things that are a little unusual and not to everyones taste, so perhaps they would be happy that it's causing debate.

1 July 2008

saw this car testing today at Millbrook Proving Ground. Looks nice in the flesh. To be testing must mean they are going to build it surely...?

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