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14.0-litre unnamed Australian supercar to be shown in 2016

An as-yet unnamed 1200bhp supercar has been announced by Australian entrepreneur Paul Halstead.

Although there are no plans to build the 14.0-litre car at the moment, Halstead hopes to attract potential investors when he reveals the car in 2016.

Two LS7 V8 engines, each with a 7.0-litre capacity, are mated to a specially developed transfer box, effectively creating a W16 14.0-litre engine. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential gearbox.

If built, the car's bodywork would be made mostly from Kevlar and carbonfibre, with the engine also resting in a carbonfibre tub.

Halstead's company, HAL, used to modify Alfa Romeo Sprint coupés with V8 engines to create its own car, the Giocattolo.

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Conte Candoli 16 July 2013

Grandiose nonsense

Grandiose plans from a megalomaniac who probably also seeks world domination.


Leslie Brook 17 July 2013


"As for production, Halstead says the project is simply a bit of fun and not a serious business venture" (Fox News).

A similar line appears nearly everywhere else, Mr Halstead is not intending to produce the car. He is building a one off to try and win a prize at a hot rod competition. He has stated he doesn't want to spend more then a million dollars to complete it. More Boyd Coddington than a rival to Maclaren I think.



devil's advocate 16 July 2013

I say, the pigs are flying

There are a herd of Staffordshire Porkers cruising at 50 feet above my house............


Well it's more likely than this getting built.


The Special One 16 July 2013

It looks like a (very badly

It looks like a (very badly copied) McLaren F1/Ferrari P4/5 from the side and the Cadillac Cien from the front. They'll be missing the boat with a huge capacity N/A. High levels of torque available from low revs is the way to go for hypercars- i.e. use of turbo, supercharger or battery power.