14.0-litre unnamed Australian supercar to be shown in 2016
16 July 2013

An as-yet unnamed 1200bhp supercar has been announced by Australian entrepreneur Paul Halstead.

Although there are no plans to build the 14.0-litre car at the moment, Halstead hopes to attract potential investors when he reveals the car in 2016.

Two LS7 V8 engines, each with a 7.0-litre capacity, are mated to a specially developed transfer box, effectively creating a W16 14.0-litre engine. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential gearbox.

If built, the car's bodywork would be made mostly from Kevlar and carbonfibre, with the engine also resting in a carbonfibre tub.

Halstead's company, HAL, used to modify Alfa Romeo Sprint coupés with V8 engines to create its own car, the Giocattolo.

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16 July 2013


no plans....

if built...

would be...

we can all design a car in our heads.  Try making it a reality. Then, Autocar, give us some real news!


16 July 2013

How is this relevant to anything at all?

Someone who hasn't got  any funding has not quite decided to build a car with ridiculous stats, then if they do decide to build it they'll tell us what it may be like in 2016!

Is this quite possibly the most irrelevant piece of anything we've never heard?




16 July 2013

I think by 2016 we would've forgotten this story ... That's 20:16 this evening!!

16 July 2013

In terms of how it looks, let's be honest, its looks are forgettable to say the least.  If I were a design student (and I used to be one years ago) I would be quite embarrassed to submit these images for appraisal.  Especially that side elevation.  As for the 14 Litre engine capacity....why?  Sounds like an attempt to top trump the Veyron and every other super and Hyper car out there, and failing quite miserably before even starting

16 July 2013

averageman wrote:

If I were a design student (and I used to be one years ago) I would be quite embarrassed to submit these images for appraisal.  Especially that side elevation.

They've not even drawn any doors on it. Could be prophetic: a drawing of a car no-one can drive...

16 July 2013

What a disappointment, and from a country with such a strong motoring heritage.


16 July 2013

Wow, this would be a complete death trap if it were ever built. Somehow I don't think having a 14 litre conjoined LS7 over the rear wheels would affect the handling balance favourably. The question is not whether it will be made, but if it is made - how many people will it kill?

16 July 2013

It looks like a (very badly copied) McLaren F1/Ferrari P4/5 from the side and the Cadillac Cien from the front. They'll be missing the boat with a huge capacity N/A. High levels of torque available from low revs is the way to go for hypercars- i.e. use of turbo, supercharger or battery power.

16 July 2013

There are a herd of Staffordshire Porkers cruising at 50 feet above my house............


Well it's more likely than this getting built.


16 July 2013

Grandiose plans from a megalomaniac who probably also seeks world domination.



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