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Warwick University and Axon have co-developed a prototype city car that does 100mpg
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23 May 2008

This is the Axon city car. It’s a British project in its early stages of development, whose creators claim they’ll produce a 100mpg (70g/km CO2) urban vehicle by 2011. The orange prototype body shell has been developed by Axon with Warwick University and has been aerodynamically optimised in the wind tunnel to make it as slippery as possible. It’s made of a strong, moulded carbonfibre composite and has plastic door panels, so it weighs only 400kg. The Axon doesn’t use any trick future technology, just a 500cc, twin-cylinder engine that’s been developed by engineering consultancy Ptech Engines. Originally, the twin-cylinder was developed for a hybrid version of the Smart car before Mercedes took over the project. Based at Snetterton, Ptech says the engine will meet Euro 5 emissions standards and promises it will be hassle-free to maintain. The unit only produces around 40bhp, but Axon is convinced this will be enough to keep pace with city traffic while delivering 100mpg and tax-free emissions. The project’s part-funded with government money, but it’ll be at least two years before the Axon reaches any kind of production reality. The next step is to homologate the Axon to reach European crash standards, which its makers are convinced it can achieve.


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jess22 6 November 2012

I don't know how the men will

I don't know how the men will react to this car but I'm pretty sure the ladies will appreciate it. I definitely like it and wouldn't mind getting one once it hist the market, do you have  any idea how much it will cost? As long as they are durable and I won't have to get it to an auto repair shop too often, I'll be happy to drive it.

loather 28 May 2008

Re: The 100mpg Axon city car

John(faganwilliams), you have it nailed. Jesus what a lash-up. Looks like the front of the old Citroen AX mated to the back of a Prius and then shrunk. What a joke putting spats(covers) over the rear wheelarches and then having panel gaps - especially door leading-edge to wing panel - the likes of which haven't been seen in the car industry since BL in the 1970s and all the turbulence and drag kicked up by them.

Would seem that Axon Automotive Ltd's single claim to fame rests on recycling old carbon fibre, which they demoed on the front wing of a Caterham recently.

Might have been impressed if this thing had been knocked up by science club sixth formers in their sparetime on a shoestring for a national competition - as used to be the case up until the 1980s across decent schools. But when you hear they(Axon) are part of the £100m 'low carbon vehicle' beanfest of taxpayers' money the joke goes rather sour. Would like to know who or what is behind this outfit and how much they personally stand to gain when they bill the Whitehall bureaucrats for their extensive 'R&D' costs between now and the the inevitable commercial collapse circa 2011 - with all public monies written-off. Hasta la vista suckers!

Bear in mind too that as has been mentioned above coventional diesel engine 'Eco' models like the PoloBlue are already returning 60mpg and that VW Group spend's 6% of its turnover on proper, commercial, market-focused R&D alone each and every year, which equates to more than €6 billion on 2007 figures.

johnfaganwilliams 28 May 2008

Re: The 100mpg Axon city car

Sorry guys, this looks like another load of junk funded by the UK government. It will never be built and if it is no-one will buy it. Old-tech engine rejected by Mercedes is not a good start. Being able to keep up with city centre traffic means it will do about 25 mph by my reckoning. As with obscenities like the G-wizz all normal safety considerations will be over-looked 'cos its GREEN. It will cost the earth - well compared to buying something sane like a 4 year old Astra diesel - and the company that sells it will be unable to supply parts and back up on any sort of normal service. It will just sell - assuming I'm wrong and the thing is actually built - to Guardianistas and weirdos who will do anything to polish their self-regarding eco credentials. Don't let's forget that the reverred Prius is one of the least green cars on the planet. Sorry, but if the great Gordon Murray can't get a new eco-car off the ground (last heard of 07/07) I don't think Warwick University and two companies no-one has ever heard of are going to succeed. Diesel technology with stop start is the way to go via major producers.

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