Currently reading: Change Makers Podcast: Big EV myths (and the rise of Myenergi) (ep.7)
Jordan Marie Brompton talks entrepreneurship, the benefits of going off-grid and EV myth-busting

Welcome to episode seven of the new Autocar Business Change Makers Podcast, produced in partnership with car subscription software platform Tomorrow’s Journey.

Hosted by Chris Kirby, CEO of Tomorrow’s Journey, and Felix Page, news editor at Autocar, each episode will explore how some of the UK’s most agile and disruptive companies are dramatically reshaping the automotive landscape, with unprecedented access to the executives and thought leaders driving that change.

In episode seven, we sit down with Jordan Marie Brompton, CMO at Myenergi, to discuss her journey as an entrepreneur, how Myenergi’s products are changing the game for renewable power and big EV myths.

We also ask: why is energy independence important? What challenges has Myenergi faced in the wake of the energy crisis? Why are electric vehicles demonised? To find out, listen to episode seven below.

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