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We take the new new 'grand tourer' to Morocco to see if it lives up to its name

BMW claims it has created another niche in the already crowded car market with the launch of its new 5-series GT.

To find out if the one-third saloon, one-third estate and one-third SUV could live up to its billing, Autocar's Hilton Holloway took the car on a five day drive from Lisbon to Fez in Morocco and back, and you can see the hi-res pics by clicking on the link below.

See the stunning hi-res pics of the BMW 5-series GT trip

"The only real way to test this new concept was to indulge in a proper Grand Tour," said Holloway, "something that would really tax the car and test its ability to cosset the occupants."

The route took in three countries driving on tight mountain roads, dusty side streets, busy city centres and empty highways to see if the 5-series GT could do just that.

The full account of Holloway's epic trip can be read in this week's Autocar magazine, which is on sale now.

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Peter Cavellini 17 October 2009

Re: BMW 5-series GT grand tour in pics

You can't make an opinion if you actually haven't seen one in the metal, so to speak, pictures in magazines often don't do cars justice due to constraints of picture versus prose,of course middle management will like them, room for four, a large boot to get the samples in, the prestige of driving the"ultimate driving machine" and also one upmanship on Jones in accounts!, as a familt car, i'd say no, you really need three belts in the back because at weekends your a taxi for the kids and such like, it's a glaring emmission.

Overdrive 16 October 2009

Re: BMW 5-series GT grand tour in pics

Today I bought a copy of Autocar for the first time in ages. Mainly because of this article by Hilton Holloway who is probably my favourite writer of the current crop at the Mag. And it was a very enjoyable read too (and I can assure all who read it Mr. Holloway didn't give me "good tip" to say this :-) ).

When I first laid eyes on the photographs of the 5-series GT, I found it somewhat ungainly. But with passage of time I now both like and dislike its styling, if that makes any sense. The nose is piggish (as has been said before), but curiously appealing. Its best angle is its profile, but its bottom does look big. I guess the reason for the fat bottom (if you buy into BMW speak) is the intent for the GT to be a central point of a saloon hatch and SUV triangle, with a midway point ground clearance.

Anyway, all this would've been rather academic if the car didn't deliver on its "GT" promise. But going by the article (and other pieces I've read) the GT is supremely refined and comfortable, with an excellent ride and low noise levels, and for car this size it also handles very well too. The fact that it has a spacious and well designed and built interior rounds up its case. However, it does weigh a lot though. OK, so a vehicle trying to straddle the SUV and executive divide would inevitably end up being a large car, but couldn't BMW make it weigh a bit less?

Will86 16 October 2009

Re: BMW 5-series GT grand tour in pics

VX220EDDIE wrote:
i dont like this car or the audi a5 sportback they are trying to cash in on the mercedes cls success

Well not really, given the A5 Sportback and 5 Series GT have hatch openings and the CLS is stuck with a saloon boot.

I'm not keen on the rear styling of this car, but for the extra practicality of having a much larger boot opening I would put up with the styling. My dad has recently been given a 2006 Accord saloon as a temporary company car. Coming from the Tourer we expected a much smaller boot, but it's not the size of the boot that's the problem, it's simply trying to get things in and out which causes all the issues. Cars like the GT and A5 Sportback address this. I am gald the hatch is making a return, and hope more similar cars are on the way (3 Series GT would be good, or is that an X1?)