Currently reading: Peugeot Exalt concept could spawn China-only production car
Radical Exalt concept features bare-metal bodywork, but Peugeot's 'vision of the saloon' could make production

Peugeot could put the Exalt concept into production for the Chinese market, company boss Maxime Picat has revealed. 

Speaking to Autocar at the Beijing motor show, Picat admitted that there was a need to make a large saloon for the Chinese market, as well as a larger SUV. Consequently a production version of the Exalt was a serious likelihood. 

Product boss Xavier Peugeot confirmed the need to sell those cars in China but isn’t ruling them out for Europe either. "We don’t want to give up on saloons in Europe" he said "and it’s possible to sell the SUV across continents though it can’t be exactly the same product. Chinese customers need a larger boot and more space."

However he denied that he is trying to turn Peugeot into a more upmarket brand for the Chinese market. "We are not a luxury brand and our positioning should be no different in China than it is in Europe." he said. "It is not our first priority, we want to be the best generalist."

Picat also revealed that success for Peugeot in China will influence the direction of European models. "The next generation will be a worldwide influenced car," he said "Chinese customers don’t understand the concept of a crossover, so the next 3008 will have to look more like a traditional SUV in its exterior design."

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Moparman 21 April 2014

A business case

The 604 and 605 were great-looking large vehicles. The 607 wasn't that bad either but they don't have enough of a market presence in Europe alone to justify a new one. However, China does have a market that would justify it and building a few thousand for Europe wouldn't be such an absurd idea. Do it Peugeot!
concinnity 21 April 2014

New big Peugeot saloon

Could see this with 608 badges.
Lewis Kingston 21 April 2014

RE: New big Peugeot saloon

That'd be cool. I've always lusted after a 605 but you just don't seem to see them these days.
artill 21 April 2014

Lewis, i have had 4 605s, all

Lewis, i have had 4 605s, all V6s, one an SV24. They are great, but hardly any left. I like the styling of this, and hope Peugeot one day return to the market for large cars. But i cant see it happening for a long time. Not in Europe anyway.