Currently reading: Beijing motor show 2012: Citroën DS9 luxury saloon teased
A disguised image that shows the Citroën DS9 has appeared on the French firm's Facebook page

This disguised image is believed to show the Citroën DS9, a luxury saloon that is expected to be officially unveiled at the Beijing motor show in April. The picture was posted on Citroën’s official Facebook page earlier today, along with the message, ‘The future of the DS line is already taking shape at Citroën...’.

At the Geneva motor show earlier this month, Citroën boss Frederic Banzet explained how the manufacturer’s high-end DS brand will undergo “internationalization” this year.

As well as plans to launch the DS3, DS4 and DS5 models in China, Russia and Brazil, Banzet explained that three new China-only DS models are planned to exploit the fact that China is now Citroën’s largest market, ahead of France.

These include a new C-segment saloon, a new SUV and a larger saloon, and the latter car appears to be the one shown in the Facebook image.

The saloon is inspired by the Metropolis concept, which starred at the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010. The concept was seen as an executive saloon that could take the fight to the German brands that dominate the sector.

Although the DS9 – the name is a reference to the original DS19 – and the other two new DS models will be China-only at launch, Banzet said the firm was open to offering them in other markets, including Europe.

“They could end up elsewhere as we have a worldwide ambition with DS,” he said.

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VicciV 22 March 2012

Re: Citroën DS9 luxury saloon teased

newdevonian wrote:
thebaldgit wrote:
Who would have thought launched in the only country daft enough to buy such a car other than the French politicians who get them for free. I take it that a Jadzia Dax is an optional extra.
Well, there's a statement to ponder deeply!

Interesting. For a whole country or two branded as daft.

VicciV 22 March 2012

Re: Citroën DS9 luxury saloon teased

sirwiggum wrote:
Peugeot/Citroen are trying to be like the Germans, which includes overly stiff German suspension.

You can't blame them for trying out what the market wants. The excellent C6 airship begged many for a home but found only a few.

sirwiggum 21 March 2012

Re: Citroën DS9 luxury saloon teased

Citroen were effectively a testbed for Michelin for a while.

And their hydraulic suspension was licenced to Rolls Royce/Bentley. It is possible to repair the suspension systems on older models with Citroen spheres!