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New Spider model planned alongside a new 159, SUV and a five-door Mito. US relaunch, too

The Alfa Romeo brand is to be relaunched again by Fiat Auto, despite the brand completely missing its 2010 sales targets.

At today’s Fiat Auto press conference boss Sergio Marchionne revealed that that Alfa Romeo will get a raft of new models including a new Spider to drive its annual global sales up to 500,000 units by the end of 2014. Alfa will also return to the US market by 2013.

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According to Fiat’s 2006 plans, Alfa should have sold around 300,000 vehicles in 2010. In 2009 Alfa actually shifted under 110,000 units.

After the launch of the Giulietta, the next new Alfa Romeo will be the replacement for the 159, which arrives in mid 2012. Dubbed Giulia, the new saloon and estate are based on a wider and longer version of the Giulietta’s new platform.

The same year will see a facelift for the Alfa Mito and, in 2013, Alfa will add a large luxury SUV to its range as well as a five-door version of the Mito.

A new Spider will be launched in 2013 and it is thought it will be based on a new Chrysler platform; it’s likely that the Spider will also be built in the US.

According to the plans revealed today, Alfa Romeo will kill off the current Brera and Spider models in mid 2011 and the 159 range by the end of 2012. The GT coupe – which is based on the 147 platform – will also be culled by the end of this year.

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disco.stu 22 April 2010

Re: Alfa to get another relaunch

JackB wrote:

A logical question; which 3 year old car will have a higher resale value:

1. without a warranty - expired a year before

2. with a 2 year warranty left?

i agree that it makes a difference. However, in the broader scheme of Alfa's struggles, i'm still not convinced simply extending the warranty solves the problem - otherwise we would all be buying Kias with 7-year warranties.

Most premium brands offer approved used car warranties of 12 months on their used stock from their franchised dealers. Must confess i don't know if Alfa do this, but it would be of more value for helping used car sales and values than extending the new car warranty.

alfa bob 22 April 2010

Re: Alfa to get another relaunch

I am just happy that rumours of Alfa's death have been put to bed! I can now plan my 6th Alfa, everyone 100% reliable a joy to drive, look at and to own.

roll on the Giulietta, for one i have booked my place at the launch and road test.

100 not out!

dave_fonz_164 22 April 2010

Re: Alfa to get another relaunch

Bogwoppit wrote:

Exactly, Fiat need to learn how to play the marketing game. Ferrari have always been rather good at this but the German marques excel. A five year warranty is also a great idea - totally agreed JackB. I have had 14 Alfas, from Suds to 156 GTA interspersed with 'quality' German marques. Now the Germans were pretty good but certainly no more reliable than the Alfas and as for smiles per mile, forget it.

Renault currently prop up the UK reliability charts and yet recently were quoting some obscure European survey which contradicted that - fair play. Where are the Alfa adverts quoting the rather less obscure German JD power survey where Alfa came joint second?

Own worst enemy

Marketing and propaganda set the tone. In a realist world, the automotive journalist one to which i refer, is a world where alot of money is needed to keep the industry alive. Where does all this money come from?

Another important question...When is the last time you saw a Fiat Group product in a long-term test drive? I am not trying to bash the Germans, but rather demonstrating their ability to properly manage their own image, by funding lots and lots of capital to the right people.

For those in the know, Alfas are no less reliable than any other European brand. In fact, while I was running my Alfa 75 2.5 V6, most of buddies were running Volkswagens and let me tell you, I was not the one going to the garage most often. All European brands share similar components. The coil pack in my 75 was bosch and the steering rack from ZF and etc.....

Its not how many times the car fails that matters, its how the problem is dealt with which determines client satisfaction!