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Sometimes going DIY goes very wrong. From custom-built engines to oil changes, we reveal our very own embarrassing car-care fails

Cars. They’re pretty simple inventions, but they’ve moved on from the days of having three wheels, a one-cylinder two-stroke unit and no roof. Now they’re intelligent, powerful driving machines.

Easy to run, easy to look after. Right? In principle, yes. Sometimes, though, it’s worth remembering that your cars needs a bit of TLC, and sometimes that TLC needs to come from someone other than yourself. Someone in overalls who happens to be a qualified car technician, perhaps.

Many of us fancy ourselves as car gods who can fix any problem, little or large, that arises in our cars. The reality can be very different from the fantasy though, and it afflicts all of us at some time. And when we say us, we really mean us. So us and our friends at PistonHeads and What Car?  put our lovely mugs on camera to reveal our darkest, most embarrassing car-care fails.

From changing the oil incorrectly to unfortunate wrench-related injuries, via a smoking engine and other ignominious disasters, we prove beyond reasonable doubt that even the pundits and experts can get it wrong. Be gentle with us.

Head here to watch us revealing our car-care fails.

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