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Ford claims that its Motorcraft centres can rival independent garages for price and service. Here's why

Big car dealerships don’t have the best of reputations. Given the choice between a dealer or a local independent garage, many drivers will go indie. They’re often cheaper and have a reputation for offering a more personal level of service.

Well, Ford Motorcraft is keen to change perceptions. It claims it offers higher levels of service at the same prices as your local garages. Is that true? In this video we visit a range of Motorcraft Centres across the UK and ask them why they think that's the case.

Motorcraft's services range from Ford's free eCHECK, which offers you a free 30-point health check for your car, to Ford Motorcraft 4+, specifically designed for drivers with Ford cars that are four years or older.

Ford talks the talk, but does it walk the walk?

Head here to find out how Ford fares in the battle between independent garage and big dealership.

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bol 14 October 2015

A good argument against ad blockers

They've got to make money in this post print world somehow. At least they're not passing it off as editorial.
scotty5 14 October 2015

Don't believe anything Ford say.

If Ford's Motorcraft is anything like their warranties, this promoted review won't be worth the paper it's written on. Actually that's incorrect, both my local dealership and Ford's UK customer services are unable to produce the piece of paper that describes their version of the warranty. In other words they're making it up as they go along. (I wonder how many customers they've lied to over the years?). See you in sheriff court guys.
Jeremy 14 October 2015


This is a promotion. So it will be biased. So it's a waste of space here.
Adrian987 14 October 2015

Jeremy wrote: This is a

Jeremy wrote:

This is a promotion. So it will be biased. So it's a waste of space here.

On my tablet, the space is 4cm X 1cm on the main page. The rest of it is virtual. If a promotion like this helps ensure the rest of the standard stuff is brought to us free, then it seems like a good idea to me.