Next 6-series could be coupe-cabriolet
30 October 2008

Is BMW replacing the 6-series cabriolet with a coupé-cabriolet? These are the first pictures of the next BMW 6-series, spied on test in Munich. Although at first glance the car looks like it has a fabric roof closer inspection shows that the cloth is probably a fake.

The rear glass on the next 6-series is the wrong shape for a cabrio and the fabric around the rear side window appears to be loose and ill-fitting, which you wouldn’t expect to see on a car with a real fabric roof. BMW would not confirm or deny the 6-series as a folding hardtop, but the firm has moved most of its convertible models to folding hardtops – the 3-series cabrio and the next Z4 are both coupe cabrios. The new 6-series is also significantly less radical looking than the current model. Like the new 7-series, it does away with most of the controversial surfacing and detailing that has typified the last seven years of BMW design in favour of a smoother look. The 6-series’s most distinctive feature – the bustle boot – has gone, replaced by a much more conventional design partially dictated by the large, flat rear deck that lifts to accommodate the roof. The car now has the rising waistline of a coupe-cabrio. At the front the wide double kidney grille gets even wider, although this car has a fake one-piece mesh grille. The production vehicle will use a grille similar to the Concept CS’s. Underneath the car is again based on the 5-series, in this case the next-generation car that will be launched next year.By using the big selling 5-series as a basis for the 6-series, BMW can charge a premium for a car that has already had most of the costly development work done. As with the current 6-series, we expect the new car to be launched about a year behind its saloon cousin, meaning that it should be here in 2010.And despite the opinion-polarising looks, the 6-series has proved popular, outselling the Mercedes SL. European sales to August reached 5152, up on 4520 in the same period in 2007. The SL managed 4155 and 3321.

Dan Stevens

Our Verdict

BMW 6 Series coupé
The 6 Series shares its plaform with models as diverse as the 5 Series and Rolls-Royce Ghost

The BMW 6 Series is a superbly accomplished car, unless you’re a driving enthusiast

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31 October 2008

Spotted the hard roof, the wondow line looks almost identical to the outgoing model though, it's profile (except rear end) is also similar. The E64 was always a bit of a barge anyway, if it's that popular this should only improve it's appeal. When the car came out I was working for Porsche, and was very surprised to see it's comparison with the 996 C2, when I moved to BMW after I drove one and felt that it was way behind the 997 (which had since been released).

28bhp never felt so fast


31 October 2008

I always wondered how people are so sure what the hell exactly is on these pictures. Especially when it comes to 'new xy test mule spied seen here with the chassis of the old xy'. Just because this thing was shot in Munich (BMW hq are there, very smart) and its proportions resemble the 6 series who dares saying there is the new 6 series underneath? This could be anything with two doors for chrissake.

31 October 2008

"and the fabric around the rear side window appears to be loose and ill-fitting, which you wouldn’t expect to see on a car with a real fabric roof. "

Are we seeing the return of the vinyl roof? ;-)

7 November 2008

Given the current enthusiasm for chrome by the bucketload, it wouldn't surprise me

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