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Stretched Equus saloon is launched in South Korea

This is the long-wheelbase Hyundai Equus saloon, which will cost £70,000 when it goes on sale in South Korea.

It is the most sophisticated, powerful and expensive Hyundai yet with power coming from a 5.0 litre V8, which produces almost 400bhp and 370lb-ft of torque.

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Other features include the worlds first electrically adjustable footrests in the rear, and the Korean Limo is said to offer unparalleled levels of space and luxury with electronically adjustable and massaging seats all round.

It is up to 310mm longer than its competitors meaning more leg room, and is also more powerful than rivals such as the Lexus LS460L and Merc S500L.

Hyundai is offering bulletproofing as an option, something which the Korean president has elected for on all three of his recently ordered Equus’s.

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plumiestparts 4 October 2009

Re: £70,000 Hyundai launched

It's the anti-exec so therefore should be embraced.

I'd pay peanuts for one in three years happily.

Dan McNeil 4 October 2009

Re: £70,000 Hyundai launched

evanstim wrote:
Whether you do or not, the average person who spends £70,000 wants badge appeal.
Speak for yourself, Mr. Average Man.

daddy 3 3 October 2009

Re: £70,000 Hyundai launched

Leaving all the badge snobs behind, Hyundai have achieved quite a milestone here. It may only sell in Aisa and in South America but Hyundai have improved the quality every stage of the development of there new cars,and the more that they sell the better the next generation will be. You only have to look back 20 years at the Pony and stella to where they are now. I think its time Mercedes,BMW,Jaguar and Audi had better take note because if this makes its way to the States sparks will fly, you only have to look at Lexus they came from nothing having no pedagree or history.

Go on Hyundai i realy hope you have sucess with this model,at least you have the balls to keep having a go at it.