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Will it drift? 6 December 2012

A 3bhp solution to carting golfers and their sticks around a course isn't conducive to sideways action. But then most golfers aren't drift king Steve Sutcliffe in a silly hat...

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1 year 46 weeks ago

Well you can flick it in and oversteer for 3 seconds but theres not enough power to sustain the drift


Looks like the brakes only

1 year 46 weeks ago

Looks like the brakes only operate on the back wheels so by using left foot braking you are doing the equivalent of pulling on the handbrake.

Not really drifting imo.

will it drift?

1 year 46 weeks ago

I have an answer for you......and you can apply the same to all of this ridiculous waste of time.

"who cares?"

Please put more effort into producing well written articles that serve to inform the reader about relevant products and developments in the market, rather than horsing around making this twaddle.

I you must drift, then please drift something big and heavy.

1 year 46 weeks ago


Tank, ex M1 Abrams

Huge truck

Heavy duty mining gear, ex Catapillar 797F

Another feat for mankind

1 year 45 weeks ago

Perhaps not a question that was on everyone's mind but I enjoyed it at least haha

I'm Sam and I look after the <a href=""></a> blog.

Ultimate drifting challenge

1 year 45 weeks ago

Come on Steve a golf buggy is easy.  I still want to see you try and drift an AC Invacar without flipping the thing over!

Missing Element...

1 year 45 weeks ago

No fog lamps. It would obviously drift better if it had it had fog lamps.

That answers my question!

1 year 45 weeks ago

I did wonder if it would drift.

Looks like it can keep drifting if it had a couple of more hp.

Much better.........!!!??????

1 year 45 weeks ago

Certainly more interesting, fun even, than watching a GTR getting trounced in an un fair way by a tricked up Audi A1!

Peter Cavellini.

What can't he drift

1 year 45 weeks ago

Is there anything that he can't drift lol.....

definitely agree that something big and heavy should be next on the list though.....I reckon a bendy bus, or maybe even a fire truck

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