Renault reviews

  • Renault Twizy

    The Renault Twizy is surprisingly good fun with an endearing character, even though it has obvious flaws

    From £6,5906
  • Renault Clio Renaultsport 2006-2012

    The Renault Clio Renaultsport is a fine car, even if competence replaces the usual impishness of a hot Clio

    From £16,0258
  • Renault Captur

    Renault Captur

    The Renault Captur, the sister car to the Nissan Juke, offers an appealing ownership package, but it isn't the last word in driving engagement

  • Renault Twingo 2008-2013

    The Renault Twingo is fun, versatile and only slightly flawed. It’s a great effort

    From £10,0658
  • Renault Twingo Renaultsport 133

    Renaultsport-fettled Twingo represents the return of the old-school hot hatch. Hello old friend, we've missed you...

    From £13,1658
  • Renault Zoe

    Renault Zoe

    Bespoke battery-powered supermini aims to advance the EV’s case

  • Renault Clio

    Renault Clio

    A multi-talented contender that can stand comparison with the best

    From £10,8558
  • Renault Clio Renaultsport 200 Turbo

    Renault Clio Renaultsport 200 Turbo

    New Renaultsport hot hatch has sophistication, but can it excite?

  • Renault Mégane

    The Renault Megane looks bland, and it's not that good to drive either

    From £15,9206
  • Renault Mégane Renaultsport

    Renault Mégane Renaultsport

    Can the Renault Mégane 265 uphold the Renaultsport reputation?

    From £23,7309
  • Renault Scenic

    Well priced and equipped, the Renault Scenic is still a class act.

    From £18,4207
  • Renault Grand Scenic

    Renault Grand Scenic

    The Renault Grand Scenic isn't interesting to drive, but it is pleasurable to sit in and live with

    From £19,5907
  • Renault Fluence

    The Renault Fluenze ZE is a C-segment saloon and is a solid way to kick off Renault's electric vehicle product offensive

    From £22,195