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Review 11 November 2012

The Vauxhall Adam is the latest rival to the Mini and Fiat 500. It's a completely original, non-retro design that is creative, well-equipped and cleverly placed in the market, but is it fun?

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One car or Two cars?

1 year 35 weeks ago

When I observed the car. It seemed that in the inside the logo was an Opel logo and in the outside it was a Vauxhall logo. I think they specially tested two cars to see what the differences are between the two cars. 


1 year 41 weeks ago

I cant imagine it would be that terrible to drive. I have driven a lot of cars over the years, And can not say I was overly fussed with the current fiesta. I drive corsas at work and find them perfectly acceptable to drive.

Probably not two cars. As it

1 year 41 weeks ago

Probably not two cars. As it will be a press car, they will have vauxhall badging on them for the mags pictures. However, I suspect they will have forgotten about the interior.

As for the car itself, I really like the styling, I like the interior, the stereo sounds like somethnig that should have been available in every car a few years ago, and I find the paint colour names funny. I don't like the name of the car or the specs, but I doubt that will hold it back too much.

Shame it seems a let down in the engines/handling, the should have spent a little more time making this a MINI rival in that dept, rather than the 500. I can imagine cost will be the biggest factor there, which seems a little short sighted.


10 years of Smart ownership over, sensible car mode activated

Forget about Vauxhall

1 year 40 weeks ago

Seems like a lot of fuss from the readership over very little! There hasn't been a "Vauxhall" car for a very long time, and this isn't one either - so get over it, the badges are irrelevant and merely there for marketing purposes.  The GM division of Opel designs its' products without reference to Vauxhall, who simply have to sell the products it is offered. This is a soundly engineered small car with a nod towards the younger buyer, which is basically what the Corsa was. When was the last time that GM/Opel small to mid-range products were noted for their brio, driving characteristics and delicacy of control and response? No I can't remember either!  But that doesn't mean the Adam won't sell satisfactorily. It's an averagely aspirational car aimed at the averagely aspirational market - with a whiff of GM's take on "youth" culture and a visual nod toward the current trend of high-waisted plumped-out body shapes. It should do very well in today's marketplace...

Just don't get it

1 year 40 weeks ago

What is the point of this car ? – especially when the advertising spend on the Corsa is so high at the moment – there is so much overlap.  Much prefer Audi's A1 anyway.

It looks great, clean and

1 year 29 weeks ago

It looks great, clean and modern. Smile A different, unique design with pretty much no "face" which is good. Smile

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