• Polo BlueGT sits between the standard Polo models and the GTI hot hatch
  • Polo BlueGT uses the Polo GTi's headlights
  • Rear bumper features integrated cut-out for the twin tailpipes and a faux diffuser panel
  • Polo's brake and sidelights form opposing bracket shapes when lit
  • Extended side sills improve aerodynamic efficiency
  • The leather steering wheel is a good size, but the flat bottom is a needless affectation
  • The Polo GTI lends its instruments to the BlueGT, hence the red needles
  • Standard Bluetooth works fine, sat-nav is a £720 option
  • Loads of room and plenty of support and adjustability in the front
  • Typical rear accommodation for the class
  • Split-level boot is a good size once you have removed the false floor
  • The Polo BlueGT can sprint from 0-60mph in 7.5sec
  • Four-cylinder engine features ACT cylinder deactivation
  • Pleasingly linear power delivery, good stopping power on offer
  • The BlueGT's ride quality improves as the speed increases
  • Dive and roll are well controlled in the Polo, even when you ask a lot of it
  • The Polo BlueGT is quick, economical and competent but it lacks engagement

The Volkswagen Polo BlueGT represents as big an indication as any of the tidal shift from diesel to petrol. That a petrol-engined vehicle manages to be both as quick and economical in the real world as this, especially when it is possessed of such an enjoyable drivetrain, is something to write home about.

And if that is all you want from a lukewarm hatchback, then fill your boots.

Matt Prior

Road test editor
Relatively quick and commendably economical, but short on fun

However, given that you’re reading this review, you may want more than that. And although the Polo BlueGT hits all the right notes on paper, in everyday driving it’s a less satisfying steer. 

It’s a capable and competent car in all the right areas, but when it comes to involvement, fun and all the other tangible, tactile things that we want of a warm hatchback, the Polo reveals its identity – and it’s more Blue than GT.

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