• Does German quality and Czech pricing equal a great deal?
  • Adaptive headlights can alter beam shapes, and also incorporate cornering lights
  • The odd shape of the tail-lights makes them look a little awkward
  • 18in alloys fill the arches nicely; smaller wheels look inadequate
  • In typical VW Group fashion, the door mirrors house the indicators
  • This is an interior well within the VW Group quality orbit
  • Seats adjust electrically but, close up, some of the materials are disappointing
  • Even basketball players should be able to stretch their legs in the rear seats
  • Skoda has been very sparing with the wood trim
  • Twindoor allows the Superb to function as a saloon or a hatch; boot is roomy
  • Used as a hatch, boot access is excellent
  • Ultimately this Superb isn’t massively fast on paper
  • The pace is very accessible once past some initial turbo lag
  • Cruising is very quiet, with little wind, engine or road noise
  • A smooth and precise six-speed gearchange helps the impression of low-effort pace
  • Fortunately, the Superb has a cosseting ride to go with the spaciousness
  • Grip levels are sufficiently high that few Superb owners will test them
  • Limited appeal, but tremendous value for money

We’re used to modern Skodas having classy cabins, but there are usually subtle signs of economising. Not the Superb, though. The squeezable padding extends to the glovebox lid and its surroundings, and there’s a flock-lined, drop-down storage box by the driver’s knee.

Other standard niceties on this Elegance version include leather trim, dual-zone automatic air-con, electrically adjustable and heated front seats, a touch-screen stereo with built-in six-CD player and a built-in umbrella, plus drainage system, in the left-hand rear door.

Vicky Parrott

Deputy reviews editor
For us the simple, better-looking and even more voluminous estate is the model to go for

Finding a comfortable driving position is easy, and it stays comfortable over a distance. Your rear passengers, meanwhile, can luxuriate with a good view forward, thanks to a high-mounted seat and a fine surplus of foot room.

Behind the foldable rear seat is a boot space seemingly big enough for a small wardrobe, but a high loading sill stops the Superb from being an estate car in the wrong-shaped body.

You open the bootlid with a normal catch. To its right is a similar catch; squeeze it until the high-level brake light flashes, then pull upwards to open the entire tailgate. It’s clever, but for us the simple, better-looking and even more voluminous estate is the model to go for.

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