• The Boxster is the cheapest Porsche you can buy
  • Ticking boxes for options quickly ramps up the price
  • If you specify the optional wind deflector, this is what you get
  • The filler cap is on the front offside wing allowing even short fuel hoses to stretch to the opposite side of the car
  • Three large dials feature the rev counter in the centre, along with a digital speedo, rendering the analogue one redundant
  • The navigation system is a costly option
  • The seats have electrically adjustable backrests as standard, but adjustment elsewhere is done manually
  • Front luggage compartment is relatively narrow and short but usefully deep
  • Flexibility, response, and creamy smoothness are key to the motive appeal of the car's flat-six
  • On adaptive suspension, the Boxster mixes taut body control with pliancy
  • Even in the most treacherous of circumstances, the Boxster has an utterly trustworthy and safe handling character
  • The Boxster's potent range of abilities makes it a sports car well worth the investment

It is not enough for a car to be the best in its class to earn a five star verdict. Five stars are reserved for cars that don’t so much head their class as transcend them.

This is what the Porsche Boxster does. For anyone who cares at all about driving, it is so far ahead of any accepted rival that to choose another over it on these grounds alone would be little less than perverse.

Nic Cackett

Road tester
Everything a classy sports roadster ought to be, albeit at a price

Yes it’s quite expensive to buy and can rapidly become far more expensive still if you’re trigger happy with the options but given the experience it provides, the build quality, the likely residual value and the way your heart leaps every time you see it, it’s hard not to see the value in the thing.

So the only difficult decision is whether to go for the standard car or spend the extra on the Boxster S. Normally we incline towards a less is more approach, but here we feel the S has just enough of an edge to justify its price.

But that particular question is one where there’s no such thing as a wrong answer.

Indeed, deliberating over which new Porsche Boxster to park outside your house is about as nice a problem as it is possible to have.

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