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Possibly the most beautiful new car out there, but not comfortable enough for a GT

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Maserati GranTurismo
Dramatic, scowling looks and a proper four-seater to boot

The Maserati Granturismo has underlying brilliance, marred by frustrating niggles. But it’s the first Maser for an age that you don’t need excuses to buy.

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    Maserati GranTurismo Sport

    The Maserati GranTurismo Sport competes against more rounded rivals, but offers plenty of compelling Maserati mystique
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    Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

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What is it?

Maserati’s new distance-mashing grand tourer; a four-seat 400bhp coupé, based on the Quattroporte platform.

What’s it like?

Beauty. Passion. Soul. These are just three of the millions of clichés trotted out every time someone drives an even vaguely sporty Italian car. An appalling driving position, iffy build quality and patchy reliability are the flipside of the Italian automotive stereotype.

The question is, does the new Maserati GT conform to these hackneyed phrases, or does it keep the good and dispense with the bad?

It’s certainly beautiful. Heart-stoppingly, pant-wettingly gorgeous, from the 250F-inspired grille to the sexy, sinuous flow of bodywork-over-wheelarch. If only the front and rear lights were less angular, there would be no-one in the Autocar office who could find a single criticism of its looks.

So that’s looks licked, and probably passion too. Soul is ticked off the first time you open the V8 up along a stretch of open A-road. Its pace doesn’t blow you away – the 1880kg Maser is a heavy beast and not blessed with endless reserves of torque – but it’s fast enough and the yowl it emits as you close in on the 7000rpm red line is literally spine tingling.

Unfortunately, the stereotyping continues to be accurate when you get to the driving position which, unless you are of entirely average height and shape, forces you into an unnaturally reclined angle. It’s also got oddly hard seats for something that purports to be a grand tourer.

However, ride and refinement is thoroughly befitting of Maserati's touring brief, even on UK roads. It doesn't have the suppleness of an XKR, but it's never harsh and always feels planted.

Patchy reliability we cannot comment upon, but the Granturismo certainly has build quality sorted – this feels as well put together as a near-£80k car should.

Should I buy one?

Depends what you want. Problem is, this car suffers from a bit of an identity problem. It looks and rides like a genteel-but-rapid grand tourer, and yet it holds on to gears too long for a cruiser. Its super-darty steering is good for turn-in, but this translates into nervousness at high motorway speeds.

The engine is magnificent, however, and it looks utterly sensational. If those are the things that really count for you, then the Granturismo is a winner. In the end, an Italian acquaintance summed up the Maserati for me. “It’s not a car, it’s art,” he told me.

And that’s the point. It might not go around corners as well as a Porsche 911, but it would surely outhandle the Mona Lisa down your favourite B-road.

Matt Rigby

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12 December 2007

Sorry everyone but, I think this is one of the ugliest cars I've seen since the Rover SD1. Let the arguments commence.

13 December 2007

[quote Griffin911]

Sorry everyone but, I think this is one of the ugliest cars I've seen since the Rover SD1. Let the arguments commence.


HaHaHa, Do me a favour, You must be trying to be the Mike Parry of the Autocar Forum.

I like a good debate.

Why don't you start by telling us what exactly it is you find ugly about it.

13 December 2007

That front end just looks like a broken jaw, and from behind, it looks like the arse of a hippopotamus. For me, it looks a bit like Jade Goody.

13 December 2007

[quote Griffin911]

That front end just looks like a broken jaw, and from behind, it looks like the arse of a hippopotamus. For me, it looks a bit like Jade Goody.


I'd sh*g Jade Goody.

I'd drive a Maserati.

I'm off for a lie down.

14 December 2007

[quote Jon Hardcastle]

Why don't you start by telling us what exactly it is you find ugly about it.


I think it's a bit disjointed too - the proportions around the c-pillar are all wrong, almost like an RX8. OK well maybe not that much but it definately doesn't flow like it should being an expensive italian GT. And then they went and put a funny "miniCLSesque"(!) boot on the end, still without boomerang lights. Like the profile of the nose with the gills though.

17 December 2007

I've seen the car in the flesh and I must say it's a really beautiful and excellently proportioned car. The swoop of the curves contrasting with the angular lines is pure unison in design. I don't care for the lack of "boomerang lights"- what's so special about them ?(the Jag XJ has them too) and I don't agree that it has a "miniCLSesque" boot (the CLS butt is one of the ugliest droopy car rear I've seen in recent times) In the final analysis, the whole is more than the sum of its parts - the Maserati Granturismo has managed to recall tradition without being bogged down by it , nor having to explain its design language to death (like BMW's Bangle or Jaguar's Callum). This Maser GT moves you when you see it in the flesh - it did move me and I've ordered one !

18 December 2007

It's a stunning looking car in every respect. Far more soulful than the Teutonic stuff churned out by the Germans and the efficient looking Far Eastern designs.

On the boomerang lights, I never liked them, or the square ones that replaced them.

18 December 2007

Oh what beautiful car- bell'automobile...

It's got be really, because you're going to spend a lot of time staring at it while mechanics try and fix it!!!

19 December 2007

Interesting that quite a few of you don't think it looks quite right, especially the lights... The silver car in the pictures really doesn't show off those incredibly sexy haunches, however.

29 May 2008

Stunningly beautiful car with real soul, but to me it's the Volvo rear lights that are the killer. Oh for the original Giugiaro-penned boomerang back lights.....


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