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Finally, a hybrid to take on Europe's diesel hatchbacks

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The Honda Jazz is a super-practical supermini that’s a doddle to drive and own, but lacking in excitement

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18 October 2010

Still don't think it will sell with that 104g/ km co2 figure given nearly all the eco-diesel models in that class and the small family car class will undercut it at sub-99g/ km levels. 5g/ km may not sound like much but its the difference between free road tax/ congestion charge and having to pay, and it affects the company car tax band.

18 October 2010

[quote Autocar]but that the Honda’s 104g/km figure is now on a par with that of the VW.[/quote] No it isn't, the Polo Bluemotion 1.2 TDI achieves 91g/ km, and the 1.2 TDI SE gets 102g/ km.

18 October 2010

If the price is right it is cheap for a small hatch with an auto box.

18 October 2010

This "review" reads like an advertisment for Honda - it's full of superlative quotes and focuses only on the positives of the car (masking the negatives as "they recognized and fixed this or that"), and even heaping praise on the shitbox that is the Insight. Shame on you Autocar!


18 October 2010

£13K? That's the Japanese domestic equivalent price?'s not made clear in the article.

18 October 2010

[quote Autocar]With a positive response to the Insight and the new CR-Z...[/quote]

A what now? Where?

Like someone said already, this reads more like a Honda add than a test drive.

18 October 2010

I normally get annoyed at the "Autocar is biased" diatribe you sometimes find on here and think it's mostly a lot of nonsense, but in this instance I agree that this article doesn't seem particularly balanced. And like others have said: 104 g/km is NOT equivalent to Volkswagen's 91 g/km Polo BlueMotion.

I do like the Jazz, though, and the mechanical changes are welcome. I even like the 'facelift'.

18 October 2010

[quote Autocar]This is the final piece in the Jazz puzzle that we’ve been waiting for – the Jazz hybrid. [/quote]

Surely the 'final piece of the puzzle' would be a diesel engine for the Jazz as every one of it's competitors in Europe has at least one in the range.

18 October 2010

[quote]Surely the 'final piece of the puzzle' would be a diesel engine for the Jazz as every one of it's competitors in Europe has at least one in the range.[/quote]

We are frequently reminded that the days of small diesel cars are coming to an end , as the cost of making diesels meet emissions regulations becomes unsustainable for cheap cars.

18 October 2010

Japanese domestic equivalent price is ¥1.59 Million which is £12,289. Not bad for the 80+ mpg Jazz

Honda UK should Import the 6 Speed manual 1.5L i-VTEC 120 ps Honda Fit RS I guess it Wont happen because like the watered down civic type R Honda UK favor the swindon built cars.


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