From £29,250
If the temptation and the budget are there, this is an engine upgrade over the 520d that's hard to resist

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The BMW 5-series offers a compelling blend of all-round abilities, but wants specifying carefully

25 September 2011

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28 September 2011

It does seem almost unfair really. Great car, perfect engine for the times and with the technology they have used you get economy, low tax and performance.

Perfect car would be this in estate form with the auto.

I might be able to afford that when this car is 6 years old with 60,000 miles.

28 September 2011

I really like this engine, and the similar E-Class 250 CDI. I think they're the pick of their respective ranges. All the performance you need and low running costs.

Since the next CR-V is going to be a munter I reckon one of these will get our business in a couple of years. Although, based on current leasing rates, the Mercedes is quite a bit cheaper.

28 September 2011

More incredible figures from BMW, but I'm a little confused with Autocar's report:

[quote Autocar]The 525d manages a very impressive 126g/km as an automatic (the manual is 132g/km), which is good enough to place it in the same 18 per cent benefit-in-kind tax bracket as the 520d EfficientDynamics (it's 19 per cent for the manual). That means the tax penalty for upgrading is not great,[/quote]

If the 520d EfficientDynamics produces 119g/km doesn't that mean it's liable for 13% benefit in kind? Therefore the tax penalty for upgrading will be great. That's the whole story re: the efficient dynamics model, it has the competition licked, nobody else can compete with those figures in the executive sector.

That said, this 525d will be in the same tax bracket as Jag and Merc's ultra efficient models which means you'll certainly get more bang for your buck.

28 September 2011

we have recently had war and peace on the new 2.2 diesel in the XF. In one stroke BMW have made that look very old fashioned. These figures, performance, economy etc form a car this big are truely amazing. Now if BMW could perform the same trick on the price as they do on the CO2 that would be very impressive

28 September 2011

Very impressive figures; when I saw that it was a 525d, I assumed that it was a straight six. 215bhp from a 2.0 diesel is hugely impressive, and this engine would be great in the 3-Series.

28 September 2011

[quote Autocar]the 2.0-litre six cylinder turbodiesel in the 525d [/quote]

It used to be a six cylinder 3.0, and now is a four cylinder 2.0. It has never been a 2.0 six cylinder in the 525d.

28 September 2011

The 'old' 525d was a bit of a non-event; a poor-man's 530d.

This new engine has finally given this derivitive some real USP.

I'd be interested to see how the CO2 for the auto compares with the XF and Merc.

edit - Oops - I see that is the auto - manual box is higher... Case closed for business users then.

28 September 2011

[quote speckyclay]I'd be interested to see how the CO2 for the auto compares with the XF and Merc.[/quote]

E-Class 250 CDI SE saloon is 129 g/km for both manual and auto. If you end up with the Sport Edition the auto is a less competitive 138 g/km.

XF 2.2D is auto only and 149 g/km.

28 September 2011

4 Wheel drive please and I will ditch my A6 Quattro tomorrow. When you live the countryside in the North of Scotland, rear wheel drive can be nightmare; one I do not want to repeat.

28 September 2011

[quote Autocar]... hard to resist. [/quote]

Not with that styling it's not. Brilliant engine though :-)



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