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The BMW 320d ED is an ideal machine for fleet managers and tax-shy execs

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BMW 3-series

The BMW 3-series' outstanding performance and handling complete a consummate all-rounder

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2 May 2012

Nice colour. What's up with BMW, surely a press car should be silver, or black, or white..

2 May 2012

This sounds an impressive addition with some cost benefits but I am interested to know whether in addition to the ride benefit, there is any noise benefit. Can't remember what the road test said for the cooking 320d but here's hoping.

2 May 2012

Don't get me wrong, these figures are very impressive, but I was expecting an improvement over the last one.

2 May 2012

[quote Autocar]Much as you’d expect; a BMW 320d with some of the starch taken out. Fortunately, there was such an excess of starch to begin with that there really isn’t much of a penalty to pay for the ED’s fiscal finesse.[/quote] er, what?

2 May 2012

Smaller wheels and proper tyres seem to be the most impressive bit here. I wonder how much of the CO2 improvement is down to them?

2 May 2012

Clearly their marketing department have been listening to what their customers have been telling them and produced the ideal car.

Personally does little for me but if I were a rep covering the motorways of the UK, then I'd want one too.



It's all about the twisties........

2 May 2012

" a best-in-segment 68.9mpg" in the real world it'll get no where near it.

One worrying fact in the review was the car now has less power and higher gear ratio's, these two facts, especially combined, usually only take away from the driving pleasure.


Hydrogen cars just went POP

2 May 2012

Test drove the old model about a year ago when I was due to change but the lease cost was strangely very high ,was a nice drive though and and no drive train shudder even at low revs e.g 1500-1600rpm ,on spec though didn`t come close to the CC ,I definately would take another look though...

2 May 2012

[quote Autocar]

What is it?

The business class 320d. The version we road tested in February is all well and good for the punters, but even as we lavished it with stars, BMW had this, the EfficientDynamics model, gently warming up in the trouser press for its corporate debut.

Despite looking for all the world like a regular 320d (there is no badging to distinguish the car from its stablemate) the ED is in fact a wheeled loophole intended to help its buyers circumvent as much of the governm...Read the full article

[/quote] Middle management car justification,reduce the tax bits,and hey presto....a BMW for the image seekers.

Peter Cavellini.


2 May 2012

Great company car I like to sound of back to the future with the ride, wonder if the lower grip levels make for more entertainment? Having seen a few on the roads to my eyes it looks bland and similar to the last model at the rear and a 5 in profile. The new nose is marginally more distinctive but that's about it.


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