The Vauxhall Adam’s interior features a new infotainment system that will stop in-car technology from becoming outdated and obsolete soon after the car leaves the showroom.

The as-yet-unnamed system has as its focal point a large, seven-inch touchscreen in the centre console, but it doesn’t include any typical infotainment features, such 
as sat-nav.

Instead, the driver plugs a smartphone into the system and the operating system is mirrored on screen. It is then possible to play and control apps — such as music, video and navigation — on screen.

This means that the driver is not lumbered with a sat-nav that uses outdated maps, or a music or video player that plays unsupported formats, because the in-car infotainment capabilities will update with their phone.

Car manufacturers have long spoken of their frustrations that the typical seven-year model cycle of a car means that they cannot keep pace with the fast-moving technology industry with in-car entertainment. The new Vauxhall system addresses this issue.

Vauxhall says the top-of-the-range system will initially be compatible with Android and Apple iOS operating systems. It’s likely to cost less than £300. A CD/radio with USB and aux-in ports and Bluetooth will still be standard on all models, regardless of whether or not the new system has been chosen.

Base-spec models will get a smaller screen with a simpler display that will only be able to play music from a smartphone. 

As is clear in this picture, the Adam’s interior has great scope for customisation. Various different fabrics and trims can be chosen in a variety of colours. Even things such as the headlining can be specified with individualist touches, such as the LED ‘starlight’ roof shown here.

High-end interior options include a heated steering wheel, the first time that a car in the Adam’s segment can be specified with one. 

The four-seat interior of the Adam is expected to be more spacious than that of the Fiat 500. The rear bench features a 50/50 split.