This early test car appears to be running a modified body to hide its enlarged underpinnings
18 March 2016

Photographers have provided us with these pictures of a prototype Ford Focus, which appears to be testing enlarged underpinnings for the next-generation model.

Despite being a very early test mule, this test car features a wider track and longer wheelbase than those of the current Focus, suggesting the 2018 model will be a larger car overall.

Evidence for the modifications can be found with a seam that runs down either side of the car and from the front to rear. It suggests additional material has been added to the body to disguise the stretched underpinnings.

Inside, we can see what looks like a simplified version of the current Focus's interior, although this modification is likely only related to the test car.

The current third-generation Focus was released last year, so its successor isn’t due until 2018. Given how far off this is, it's unsurprising that Ford wasn't able to offer any more information at this point.

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18 March 2016
I suppose one can't blame Ford, who are no doubt keen to replicate the success of the Mondeo. Hang on a minute, when did you last see a new one?
It's about time manufacturers started building cars that people actually want to buy, instead of the usual bigger, more premium and more profitable. They seem to forget that a car is primarily a means of transport and people don't necessarily want to be taking two tonnes of metal with them everywhere they go.
Let's have smaller, lighter, more efficient machines instead!

18 March 2016
See quite a few new Mundaneo's pounding the motorways. Seen only one Vignale though. Think thats been a huge flop. Already on the classified s you can see them at £22k, quite a drop from £30k+ ouch! Do we really need a wider car? It's already a pain in the backside trying to get out of the thing in a car park slot. Wonder how long before the Fiesta is Mundaneo size.

18 March 2016
The Escort used to be the UK best selling car a 2-3 decades ago. Now it is the Fiesta, which coincidentally is the same size as an Escort. Conclusion - people don't actually buy bigger cars, but it does take 3-4 years for people to appreciate that the new cars are to big before "downsizing"? The current Mondeo will be the last, and it will be retired as the Granada was, with the Focus filling its role, and so on up the model line up.

18 March 2016
at all that this possible mk4 Focus will be bigger, the latest Astra has a wider track and a longer wheelbase than the previous one, buts actually slightly smaller and lighter, but with better packaging to improve interior space, there is no reason to believe Ford are not going down the same route, the mk3 Focus has one of the smallest boots in the sector.

18 March 2016
fatter bigger more in your face. As roads get more crowded who needs this direction. Ford will tell you "Oh the Fiesta will fill that gap or the new Ka" so DROP one of them and do the bloody job properly!

what's life without imagination

18 March 2016
Think you'll find the mk3 dates from 2011 not last year, which as anyone who reads this would know was just a very minor refresh. Amazed the author of the piece didn't.(I guess that's young unpaid interns for you...).

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