No sooner had I typed the words "no mechanical problems," than they came back to haunt me. Leaving the car park at the Goodwood Revival, our long term Caterham 7 started making a strange graunching noise from the rear axle.

Intermittent but worrying, we got Caterham to check it out. Turned out to be a failed wheel bearing. Apparently it's a fault they experienced only a couple of times before and are speaking to their supplier to try and find the cause.

In any case, a week later our 7 returned better than ever. While in their care, Caterham also had a chance to fix a couple of other things I’d noticed. The squeaks and rattles are now gone, the temperature gauge is behaving itself and the small amount of play in the steering has been tightened. Without asking them do to so, the guys also re-alligned the pedals; apparently we should have had a pedal box fitting when the car was delivered but it never happened, but they’re now much better and perfect for heel-and-toeing.