So Ferrari is now officially threatening not to compete in F1 next year because it doesn't want to sign up to the proposed £40m budget cap, and because it is feeling really rather sorry for itself at the moment, what with one disaster and another unfolding pretty much on a daily basis this season.

So what, who cares? F1 will be just fine without Ferrari. In fact, F1 may even benefit from being without the deeply tedious politics employed by "the Scuderia" in recent years

I hear that El President Mr LDM is now looking at other ways in which Ferrari can realise its ambitions in motorsport, now that there is going to be an entire F1 team of engineers, designers, pit crew and drivers looking for something to do between March and November in 2010. Apparently the grid is looking a bit thin for this year's 24h lawnmower race just outside Steyning in West Sussex. If nothing else it'd be nice to see just how tasty Kimi is at the controls of a Briggs & Stratton.