It's an age-old question, but given carte blanche on all fronts, how would you design your perfect car?

There are no budgets in the world of the perfect car, no restrictions whatsoever basically. Whatever you want, you can have.

Would it be front, rear, or four-wheel drive? How many seats would it have? What sort of engine would it be propelled by, and where would that engine be located – in the nose, behind the seats, somewhere under the floor, or in the tail? What sort of gearbox would it use?

I think my perfect car would be a sports car, for starters, and it would need to weigh no more than 800kg, even once a big fat sweaty driver had clambered aboard.

It would also be mid-engined and rear-wheel drive, and seeing as it’s going to be mine, and only mine, it would require just the one seat – because in my opinion there’s no point trying to make something practical if you’re trying to make something that’s perfect.

My single-minded machine would be powered by a high revving, small capacity petrol V8, without turbos or superchargers. This would be connected to a close ratio seven-speed DSG transmission that could shift gears faster than the mouse on my computer can go ‘click.’