It's an age-old question, but given carte blanche on all fronts, how would you design your perfect car?

There are no budgets in the world of the perfect car, no restrictions whatsoever basically. Whatever you want, you can have.

Would it be front, rear, or four-wheel drive? How many seats would it have? What sort of engine would it be propelled by, and where would that engine be located – in the nose, behind the seats, somewhere under the floor, or in the tail? What sort of gearbox would it use?

I think my perfect car would be a sports car, for starters, and it would need to weigh no more than 800kg, even once a big fat sweaty driver had clambered aboard.

It would also be mid-engined and rear-wheel drive, and seeing as it’s going to be mine, and only mine, it would require just the one seat – because in my opinion there’s no point trying to make something practical if you’re trying to make something that’s perfect.

My single-minded machine would be powered by a high revving, small capacity petrol V8, without turbos or superchargers. This would be connected to a close ratio seven-speed DSG transmission that could shift gears faster than the mouse on my computer can go ‘click.’

There would be a small amount of luggage space in the nose, but I’m not looking to go long distances in it so stowage room wouldn’t be a priority.

What would be vital is the way it rides, steers and handles, hence there would be double unequal length wishbones at each corner, a proper diff at the back, and 17in wheels with big but not enormous tyres attached to them. The steering rack would be quick but not neurotic in its responses, and there would be precisely zero in the way of power assistance.

My perfect car would have anti-lock brakes, and it’d have traction control for when it rains – it weighs only 800kg and has 305lb ft of torque, after all. But it’ll also have far more poke than grip and a beautifully balanced chassis to go with it, so that if I wanted to slide it around a bit – a la Toyota GT86 – I’d be able to do so without much bother.

And the price of my perfect car? Ideally it would cost £19,999 but that’s quite fantastically unrealistic given the specifications, so perhaps 'under £50k' will have to suffice.

In truth, though, I don’t much really care about the cost because there will only ever be one, which means it’ll be priceless between you and me. And because it’s a toy, to be used on special occasions only, I don’t give much of a fig about how much fuel it quaffs, either, although weighing what it does the fuel consumption won’t be all that bad.

So go on then, what might your perfect car be like?