Right now, I am on the case of first-time teen drivers. It is something of an obsession at the moment, since I'm organising a first car for my teenage offspring. I am drawing up shortlists of cars, budgets, getting insurance quotes and starting to worry. Not about how much it is going to cost me, that’s just money.

No, what I am concerned about is just how those newly qualified drivers are actually driving.

When I park up to pick up my teenager from sixth-form college (which hopefully I won't have to do once they have their own wheels), most days I see first hand how cars arrive and depart from the area. What I have noticed is that teenage boys are by far the most stupid. Now there’s a surprise, eh? 

They pitch up in their Polos and Corsas at speed. They break with a slight screech. Equally their departures are as dramatic. I haven’t seen a mishap yet, but it is only a matter of time. 

By contrast girls are super careful. No, really, they are. Mature and considerate. They take their time over each manoeuvre and you can see them looking around with a real sense of appreciation over what is going on around them. I hope they keep that up as they get older and don’t let texting and tableting get in their way. 

I did see an older girl in traffic behind me so obviously scrolling something below dashboard level. I was tempted to make a citizen’s arrest but was more focused on putting as much distance between us as was possible.

It does seem that according to my unscientific observation that girls seem to take their driving rather more seriously than the boys, who are often two or three up in their tiny shopping cars and clearly egging each other on.

So what do you think of the teens driving around you? Maybe you are a teen with strong opinions. I certainly think that youngsters could do with a compulsory middle-aged, grumpy back seat passenger to calm them down a bit.