This week’s key subject (in my humble opinion) is tyres. Which, given that you’re an Autocar reader and therefore know your Bridgestone Duravis R630s from your Fortuna F3000s, are so much more than just the round and black things that need replacing every 10.000-15,000 miles.

Deciding which tyres to fit to your car is arguably the single most important decision you’ll make after you’ve bought the thing and done a few miles in it. The most common temptation is to click on one of the excellent tyre comparison websites and discover that you can buy an entire set of Woosung Darkhorses for your Golf GTi for less than the price of a single Continental Sport Contact 3, the tyre it came on when it was shiny and new.

“How much worse would the car honestly be if I saved myself £700 and went for the Woosungs?” you end up wondering. To which I’d reply; don’t even go there, my friend, not unless the idea of aquaplaning along a dark wet motorway at 48mph turns you on for some weird kind of reason.

Fact is, in the wet especially, cheapo tyres are miles worse in every dimension than their more expensive but more established mainstream equivalents. And let’s face it, it’s in the wet when you really a need a tyre to do its thing; to not just throw its hands in the air metaphorically and say; “Best of luck mate, not much else I can do to help from here on in.” So don’t say you haven’t been warned.