I do hope that everyone has calmed down after all the excitement of the Geneva motor show. All those hyperactive bunnies involved in making, promoting, interneting and TV progging about cars were really rather busy for a couple of days.

The trouble with the Geneva motor show is that it provides a huge protective bubble of automotive delusion. Those attending think they have seen the answer to the energy crisis in the form of a concept design that makes an E-Type look like a turnip and they return with visions of the future that almost no one else shares. At least I think that's how you end up with cars like the Aston Martin Cygnet.

Geneva motor show report, pictures and video review

There is a grim everyday reality of running a car that isn't represented by Geneva. This is the people at the pump paying £1.17 per litre, or being left bemused at just what indicator bulb their Fiesta needs. Ask any of them - and I know this because I did - whether they knew what was happening in Geneva and they just looked blankly back like I was mad. Which I am - mad that the motor show merry-go-round continues.