So what is the coolest car to drive in these conditions? Well obviously it needs air conditioning, or so you might think. 

The obvious choice is a convertible, except that you really do need head gear otherwise heat stroke is a real possibility. I rather think that a French Foreign Legion hat with that neck flap arrangement, which kiddies wear, may be the answer. You will still be very hot, though. 

Sunroofs have gone out of fashion a bit but they still have their place, in the roof. The panoramic ones are wonderful but you really need a re-gas of your air-con to ensure that you can survive that one. You may just be able to pull over a cover though, but know that there are all sorts of clever photochromic devices. You can also get fans in seats, but I am not sure if you can easily retro fit one from a salvage Mercedes Mercedes-Benz S-Class into your Vauxhall Cavalier.

Now. Targas are wonderful and so underrated, even if they should not technically be called targas, or even togas. It is just the right combination of exposure to the elements and protection. I’d still buy some warp-factor sun lotion though and probably a sturdy hat, too. 

I’ve just been out in my hot tin-box that is otherwise known as a Land Rover Series 3. It is oddly cool. Well it would be; it is an old rectangular Land Rover with rust on it and steel wheels after all. But actually the large amount of boomy space in there, combined with all the deeply cool details like the front vents fully open, and it isn’t half bad. The only danger I have is the possibility of a sunburnt arm, except that I am wearing a shirt, with cufflinks. How cool is that?

So how do you keep, or at least look cool in this splendid weather?