Yesterday I had a taste of the future of motoring – or at least what GM’s boffins would like to see as the future.

GM Hydrogen1 GM is launching a fleet of 10 Fuel Cell powered Chevy Traverse SUVs in Berlin.

Fully real-world crash-tested and good for a range of 320km, the cars will be run in real-world conditions by 10 different sponsors, including the Berlin Hilton Hotel and Allianz.

I got a chance to drive one of the Traverses from central Berlin to a Hydrogen fuelling station near Berlin’s main bus depot.

Driven by a 73kW fuel cell, the Traverse was very impressive. The acceleration is very brisk, the torque seamless, and the lack of mechanical thrashing makes for a very refined drive (even if the car’s chassis isn’t that great).

I also got a chance to witness what might be an everyday chore by 2030: refuelling a hydrogen-powered car.