In the last few years politicians and policy-makers have put emissions and the general evilness of cars at the top of their agenda and we are all suffering as a result.

Our pockets are now less full of money than they once were; we’re told that it’s in the interests of the environment, when it just means that we give the government more of our hard-earned so they can restrict our freedom of movement even further. They are just putting a touchy-feely spin on it all.

So where is the opposition? Absent. David Cameron is on his bike, hugging icebergs and stomping his great big carbon footprint around the third world. Given the chance, the LibDems would probably confiscate all forms of private transport. Only the Association of British Drivers makes a fuss, but they’re rarely if ever given enough publicity to be heard.

And because there is so little opposition, the politicians can do what they want - and that includes local ones. Recently an authority local to me decided not to cremate the dead on the day of the funeral, but to do it in batches instead.

This sensitive and caring policy was justified on what grounds? Yes, environmental. Stoking up the fires means lots of C02, so it’s now a once-a-week bonfire. How hypocritical, when all they wanted to do was save money, or probably sack someone no longer needed to be there to light the match every day. This is what our environmentally obsessed society has sunk to.

It’s all smoke (C02-free, of course) and mirrors. I reckon we've all been convinced on some shaky stats, from biased boffins, that we need to be punished financially for our sins. Remember the ozone layer? Apparently that’s all right now and, although this is just my opinion, I reckon global warming will go the same way; i.e. nowhere.

I'd even go so far as to predict that, one day, my grand children will read about the 'The Great CO2 Swindle' in their history lessons. Maybe if I'm still around, they'll ask me what I did while it was all going on. At least now I'll be able to tell them that I knew it was all a scam, and that I blogged about it on