Just about the only question left over Jag’s new XFR is: what it’s like to drive. I was given some clues the other day by the car’s chief programme engineer, Kevin Stride. He told me that although the BMW M5 wasn’t the only benchmark for the new hot XF, he has been spending rather a lot of time driving Munich’s finest lately. But while Munich’s V10 super-saloon is clearly the best handling of the XFR’s would-be rivals, Stride admits that simply mirroring the BMW wasn’t the way they wanted the Jag to drive. ‘We wanted the M5’s handling and turn-in’ he said ‘but with ride control. The XFR needed to be more accessible than an M5.’ This ‘accessibility’ is key to the XFR’s character, according to the chief engineer who sees the Jaguar plugging a gap in the market between the hard-edged BMW and the more laid back Merc E63AMG. Whether he’s succeeded we’ll have to wait and see but in the meantime we’ll have to take his word that the XFR is ‘a proper cross-country car and absolutely phenomenal across Wales’.