For reasons that I can’t possibly begin to explain, I was at a car boot sale recently.

Fortunately, my car already has a boot, but while I was there I learned that just about any vehicle qualifies as prime boot-sale material. At this particular event (and, 
I guess, at most of them), it was best not to turn up in a van or a 4x4, since the pitch charge for such a vehicle was £9. Go in something less commercial — as 
I did — and you saved £2.

Not surprisingly, I had the only 
BMW 7 Series in the field. While there, I had two offers for it, and it wasn’t even up for sale. It was unwashed and covered in bird guano, but that had me thinking that a boot sale could actually be a great place to flog your car. Anyway, this is something of a long-winded way of telling you that, according to my on-the-spot research, the Vauxhall Zafira is the quintessential booty vehicle of choice.