What could be easier than clicking, prodding and pressing your electronic device and seeing thousands and thousands of cars for sale?

I love the crystal clear pictures I see online. If the picture is a rubbish one taken on a mobile with the sellers thumb in the way, then I won’t bother taking it any further.

Like the old days I can ring the seller up, but it’s even better if I can just email them. It wastes less time and money and I get all the information I need. Even better, I’ve had sellers who are tech savvy enough to send me film of the motor and scans of the documentation.

However, the fabulousness of modern technology is no substitute for going to see the car. You must never, ever get lazy and buy without trying. A great online advert should tickle your fancy and if you like the car enough then you must go back to basics and start kicking the tyres.

It's true that classified ad magazines have less of a purpose now that we can see what's for sale right now. Online ads give us that instant fix at any time of the day and in a far better format than was ever possible from those grubby, dated little mags.

Hold on there, because actually the car mags are wonderfully chock-full of nice ads, as well as some great articles too.