Is there such a thing as a commuter car? I’d argue that there probably isn’t. Buying a new car for just one regular journey sounds a bit daft, unless you can afford it. Also, commutes come in different flavours: some have traffic jam slogs, others could have clear runs on thrilling twisties.

The used car market, however, makes everything much more affordable. So here is a slightly bonkers guide to motors that might make your journey better.

For the classic dismal commute, what you need is an automatic gearbox, air-con and just a couple of seats. Well, make that a couple of doors. I’m thinking more stumpy barge than low-down sports car - an old-fashioned coupé, if you like.

You don’t want rock-hard suspension or low-profile tyres, either, so the obvious choice is a Mercedes-Benz CLK. Early ones weren’t built during the company’s finest hour, but a petrol one that isn’t rusty will at least be cheap. You can bag a CLK320 in Elegance trim for under a grand easily.

There are also some old-school E220s knocking around with big miles and silly alloys, but how about a CL500? It would be a world of financial pain if it goes wrong but is a lovely way to travel. A 2001 example is £3750 and could be stressful when it comes to fuel economy, but then you shouldn’t really care.