In this week’s magazine I have written about the great speed camera con. The number of road deaths (2946 last year), the Office for National Statistics website admits, "has remained fairly constant over the last t
n years".

Camera advocates got around this inconvenient truth by inventing the ‘Killed and Seriously Injured’ metric.

Aside from the lack of a definition of ‘serious injury’, the claims of a big fall in the KSI rates between
1996 and 2004 were comprehensively blown apart by research published in the British Medical Journal.

"According to police statistics," it said, "rates of people killed or seriously injured on the roads fell consistently from 85.9 per 100 000 i
1996 to 59.4 per 100 000 in 2004.

"However, hospital admission rates for traffic injuries ‘were almost unchanged at 90.0 in 1996 and 91.1 in 2004."