Ashes to Ashes – more like ‘tashes to crashes. Attempting to watch the latest episode of this TV time travel nonsense made me realise that the poor old ‘80s are in desperate need of rehabilitation. For those of us who weren’t miners (or even licence-less minors) it was the finest decade known to humanity – and one day I fully intend to write a book about it and set the record straight.

In the interests of historical accuracy I have to say that, in real life, mid ‘80s coppers never got to drive anything more exciting than a Rover SDI. Which, in carburetted form, was a very thirsty way of going not-particularly quickly and breaking down a lot. So I’ll have to put down the presence of a full-on Quattro in the series as nothing more than a constabulary wet dream.

But for villains looking for some serious wheels, it was the ultimate decade. For a start, this was back when Mercedes still built cars properly. The corporate offerings weren’t all hugely exciting, of course – but a 560 SEL at full speed was a hell of a sight, and a great way to take off the front of a jewellers for an impromptu ram raid. Even better, these days you stand a good chance of turning one up for less than two grand – and it will still work.