There are bundles of reasons why I’m looking forward to 2008. Watching to see what happens when Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton go head-to-head for the first time in cars from different teams will be one highlight. Driving the new Jag XF on home turf against its best rivals will be another, as will comparing the Ferrari F149 with the car that inspired it – the Aston Martin DB9.

But the big one, for me, will be watching what happens at Renault, and at RenaultSport in particular. Why Renault? Because 2008 will be the year in which not only a spanking new Laguna coupe will be unveiled but also an all-new sports car from Alpine. A proper Alpine it looks like being, too.

And if that’s not enough RenaultSport will launch a car this year which could well be the most exciting driver's car of the year, period. How do I know this? Because I’ve already spent some time with the team from RenaultSport helping to drive and develop said car, and I can tell you here and now that it’s as quick as a 911 over a tricky B-road and has steering that’s so sweet it’ll make your eyes water.

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