I was intrigued by the choice of Bond cars used in the latest Great British spy spectacular.

Did it really make sense for both lead cars – the Aston Martin DB10 and Jaguar C-X75 - to be concepts? Momentarily, I even wondered if it pushed the limits of reasonable product placement a tad far, and perhaps risked jeopardising the believability of the film.

Then I came to my senses and realised that we were talking about a franchise of films where someone can be doing high-speed jumps in an Aston moments after a cardiac arrest, and – most laughable of all - a Land Rover Defender can keep up with a speeding train. I mean, come on… 

Credulity doesn’t come into the Bond vocabulary and, frankly, that’s as it should be. It’s also exactly why these films are where a concept car belongs. It makes more sense than a motor show stand, in fact.

So, here is the perfect platform for brands to put out their finest flights of fantasy and, having spent a few minutes in the Jag C-X75 recently, I can see why this and the DB10 have stirred up such a furore. In the low-speed photography session I did in the Jag, it really did seem to me to speak of modern XJ220. Even the styling seems reminiscent of that illustrious spiritual predecessor, with its long, flat rear deck.